💰 Tokenomics

Introducing $Majo, the native utility token of the BRC-20 DAO. $Majo is minted under the BRC-20 standard and designed to serve various functions within the BRC-20 DAO ecosystem. Key information about $Majo is as follows:

  • Token Symbol: $Majo

  • Token Standard: BRC-20

  • Total Supply: 21,000,000

The total allocation of $Majo is distributed as follows:

  • Patner: 50%

  • WL Mint: 21%

  • DAO Treasury: 18%

  • Technical Contributor: 5%

  • Marketing: 6%

$Majo token enables users to access various features and benefits on the BRC-20 DAO ecosystem, including participating in NFT, IDOs, governance, staking rewards, and more.

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